What happens during hair removal treatment?

First start with taking pictures the area that will epilate. Then will be cut as short hairs on the skin. You will be asked to wear a pair of glasses with glass filter protection, suitable for the treatment eye. Then will cool the area to be shaved with a camera.
The device emits laser light which will apply to the entire area to be shaved. The hair that remains in the treated area will fall in the first 1-2 weeks ahead.

What feels during treatment?

Each laser light emission will be felt as a feeling sting or pinch fine. No need for local anesthesia will be used as a device for cooling the area where hair removal is done.

Is this an effective method?

Yes, it is a safe and effective method for treating unwanted hair regardless of skin type, even if it has a darker tint.Unwanted body hair laser removal is an effective method and delicate, to permanently reduce hair on any part of the body. Laser hair removal has the best effect when performed in the growth phase of hair.

Because hair grows in certain stages, patients turn to laser hair removal, usually require a series of four to six sessions, at a distance of at least two weeks apart, to get maximum results.

Usually the areas that will be subjected to this treatment will race a few days before the laser treatment itself. The day the treatment takes place, the subject will be given a cream, and can also use a spray or gel specifically for that treatment is comfortable and without discomfort, but it greatly depending on the type of laser will be used.

Both the patient and the technician who will perform hair removal must wear special glasses which are designed to remove dangerous light during treatment.

Based on a rapid assessment and comprehensive technician properly adjust the laser and can use it to test certain areas and see how you react. The laser power is adjusted both for size and frequency pulsations to optimize treatment in favor of patient comfort.

Laser energy is focused on the hair follicle, and the vast majority of patients do not feel any discomfort or only one of a very low intensity.

Before treatment with at least a week there is no procedure for waxing, depilatory cream, electrolysis or another method that works more or less in the roots and the skin of the treated area.
The hair is left on the skin appear to be made an assessment of how fairer treatment to be performed.

There may be side effects?

No permanent side effects as: Laser interacts only with the hair colorant.
There may be a slight reddening of the skin in the treatment area where they were, which will disappear after 2-3 hours.

The spots may appear darker or pale but disappear in the coming weeks.
Limit immediate exposure to sunlight, or depending on the situation indicates a cream with UV protection factor suitable.


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