What to do before the first session of hair removal?

Before treatment with at least a week there is no procedure for waxing, depilatory cream, electrolysis or another method that works more or less in the roots and the skin of the treated area.

The hair is left on the skin appear to be made an assessment of how fairer treatment to be performed.

How do you properly shave without irritation. Learn how to have a smooth and silky skin

Want to have a perfect skin this summer without a care and wear skirts and shorts? There are a few simple rules epilation, which must follow, if you want to keep feet soft without irritation.

1. Peeling, essential before epilation

Before you shave is very important to remove dead cells from the skin surface. For this, you can use a sugar gommage and honey or coffee grounds.

Exfoliation, the secret of a perfect tan. Discover peeling suitable for your skin!

2. Moisturize your skin

A dehydrated skin sensitivity means first. So, if your skin is sensitive, it will be much easier exposed irritation. Thus, before epilation moisturizes the skin deeply, that razor to alunce more easily. Great care and moisturizer you use. Try to choose one with a texture as smooth as that does not prevent hair removal.

3. Pay attention to hygiene

If you prefer to shaving, waxing, and paid great attention to hygiene. Use shaving more than a week and try to keep it covered when not in use to avoid further contamination with bacteria.

Do you shave in the morning?

Waxing shaving in the shower in the morning helps you save time, but does not confer skin smoothness as you wish. The explanation is simple: while you sleep, your feet swell slightly, and some hairs are not fully exposed. Get used to shave the evening and you'll get a more satisfying result.

Do you shave during a hot baths?

During hot baths skin pores expands, making hair removal blade unbearable process. Not to mention that you will not be able to relax and enjoy the bath as it should. If you shave necessarily know at the time, do it in the first ten minutes of contact with hot water.

You are using an old razor blade?

There are people who use a razor days, weeks, even months. If you want smooth skin after hair removal to touch the blade, it is imperative to use a new device or a new reserve. Experts recommend no more than five uses of a razor blade to avoid small red bumps that can occur after epilation.

Use shaving cream!

Shaving cream or gel helps to prevent occurrence of skin irritations and highlight half a millimeter more than the length of the hair. Apply gel or shaving cream in the opposite direction of hair growth to keep them straight during epilation and you get a smooth and silky skin exactly as you wanted.


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