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Laser hair removal depending on skin types

Find laser machines used by skin types, reveals what laser hair removal you need, laser hair removal ideal patient characteristics and mechanism of action and treatment parameters for laser hair removal.


Each skin colors may be assigned to more hair colors. In this case the type of laser used can vary. To find out ... read more


Laser Hair Removal

Some people use the term instead of long-term hair removal permanent hair removal. What does long-term hair removal?

Temporary hair reduction is defined as a delay in hair growth, which usually lasts between one and three months, according to induce telogen phase.

It is necessary to make a distinction between loss of hair (epilation) the permanent and complete. Complete hair loss refers to ... read more


The ideal patient for laser hair removal

The ideal patient

- Her skin is as pale as dark hair-color - bigger contrast.
- However, it is possible that patients with skin types respond better than 3-4 types 2-3 thanks to a better use of radiation and a lower laser light refractions.
- The hair thicker give better results
- Calves, the bikini and underarm areas that are "go" best
- Dense areas appear respond ... read more


Mechanism of action and treatment parameters for laser hair removal

The laser beam applied to living tissue has different effects on tissue components depending on the absorption spectra.

Chromophore is the generic name given target pigment absorbs laser light. If laser hair removal, the target is melanin. Selective thermolysis where laser hair removal

Thermolysis selective - selective destruction of the target without damaging surrounding tissue. The purpose of selective photothermolysis is a ... read more


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