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IPL epilation - A few secrets about IPL devices

Discover a few secrets on IPL devices, are less things to know about hair removal IPL hair removal and how you know it works.

Often, the performance of a system that is working on clinical parameters is much weaker in many IPL and laser

devices on the market to what is claimed in the brochures.
A quality hair removal system must be able to deliver the optimal combination of parameters. By analogy, if we want to build a stool in the first leg is the spot size, the second and third pulse size fluency ... read more


How do you know that IPL hair removal works?

How do you know that treatment works?

Almost always treated area shows slightly erythema - turns red skin - and perifollicular edema, mild swelling around each hair - especially if thick. These reactions occur in most cases within minutes after application of light. If working with pulsed light with a ... read more


Lasers vs. IPL, IPL vs. Laser

Disadvantage compared to IPL laser is that it can destroy the follicles that are found only in specific focal point, corresponding to the wavelength ... read more

Find out some secrets about IPL devices, read less things to know about hair removal and inform you how you can know that IPL hair removal works.


How efficiently is the treatment?

IPL technique is the most efficiently method of permanent hair removal. Hairs once destroyed, never stop growing, but in the treated area will appear other hairs, those who were inactive at the time of treatment. In order to treat these additional sessions may be required.
The response to treatment is different depending on the treated area (percentage of hairs are in active growth phase varies by area), the color and texture of the skin and hair, or the presence of associated hormonal disorders. As skin is white hairs rich in pigment so the results are faster. In order response to treatment, the best results are obtained at: armpits, groin, legs, arms, and at the front - sideburns, neck, forehead, chin... read more


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