About Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal has a history of 15-20 years in the world.


Permanent hair removal procedure has proven effective and useful in most of those who were fortunate enough to be treated in clinics equipped with sophisticated equipment, advanced technology and diverse well-trained staff practically and theoretically. To use methods of hair removal has become a trend after it has confirmed the presence of over 10 years in the daily life of millions of people across the entire globe.

In many cases, laser hair removal has solved difficult problems, even severe hirsutism or hypertrichosis accompanied by shortness of complex social and psychological adaptation. Number of manufacturers of lasers and IPL equipment has exploded in recent years as the number of permanent hair removal centers that have at least one such device. Such access to permanent hair removal treatment increasingly more people.

Hair removal became serious competition for traditional methods such as shaving, wax or electric epilator, currently representing about 10-15% of the entire market.With the expansion of the scope and circulation of information on all hair removal home use for channels of communication, including so effective word-of-mouth, they appeared "myths" of the strangest, spread both in pure ignorance, and the intentions less honorable.

We decided to say what is hair removal, so far as is known, is still unknown to many scientists certain aspects of the physiology of growth or hair loss in the unknown fascinating human body.

Permanent Hair Removal

Hair removal is not the same as waxing. While the first refers to the hair over and under the skin, depilation the hair from the skin.

The term "permanent hair removal" is somewhat ambiguous, the most appropriate one "long" that was invented and widely used only for 10-15 years, no one has traveled the average lifespan of a person to declare certainty that it is clear and without doubt "final". Long-term hair removal is progressive, because it is done at once, but over several sessions

IPL Epilation

Excessive hair growth can affect healthy population and people with hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovarian disease, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, hirsutism, etc. This unwanted hair can affect equally both women and men. Today, the old methods of removing excessive hairiness (depilatory creams, shaving or waxing), losing heavily in favor of modern hair removal represented by laser or intense pulsed light (IPL). Both people with hormonal disorders and those perfectly healthy but with a relatively excessive hair growth in certain areas of therapy may benefit from permanent hair removal.

The method of hair removal Intense Pulsed Light (IPL, intense pulsed light) is a cutting edge solution that applies advanced technology for hair removal through a painless procedure, rapid and efficient.

Permanent Hair Removal
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